Martial Arts Classes Conveniently Located in: Kings Park, South Riding, Potomac Falls, Broadlands, Belmont Greene, Purcellville, and Leesburg

Beginner Classes Enrolling Now! TopKick Martial Arts Teaches Discipline & Self Confidence

Kids Martial Arts

Kings Park Kids Martial Arts

Kick, punch and get fit? Yes. But we focus on supplying benefits that extend well beyond Taekwondo.

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AfterSchool Martial Arts

Kings Park AfterSchool Martial Arts

Our AfterSchool program offers elementary school aged children a productive alternative to standard after school care.

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Family Martial Arts

Kings Park Family Martial Arts

We offer a great way for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of Taekwondo together.

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Latest News & Updates

Introducing Our Newest Virtues Project Theme

Introducing our newest Virtue Project theme.....CONFIDENCE!

Each TopKick student displays a certain degree of confidence the very first day they step onto the workout floor. With time and effort,

Here is What You Need to Know

Graduation Week is Here!

Here's what you need to know:

  • There are no classes all week (8/24 - 8/29) due to schedule Graduation Ceremonies.
  • TopKick will be closed Saturday (8/29) for Black Belt

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