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Dianne Gannon Ambrose reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been a part of TopKick Martial Arts for over five years now. My family has participated in just about every program they have to offer (tae kwon do classes, KUT classes, afterschool program and summer camp). Every aspect of topkick is top-notch. The facility is warm and welcoming, the staff and instructors are very friendly and always encouraging. I would highly recommend TopKick!

Pascale Green reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love TopKick Martial Arts South Riding and we highly recommend it to all ages. The instructors are very skilled and the staff are very nice and very welcoming.

Kesia Anticona reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
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We love TopKick South Riding we highly recommend it to all ages the instructors are very skilled and the staff are very nice

Elizabeth Raitz-Cowboy reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
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TopKick is perfect fit for my high school daughter. The instruc­tors are attentive and respectful to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. Sensi empowers everyone to full potential.
Amber called to checked on my daughter when she was out for flu
They highly rec­om­mend Top Kick karate school

Charles Dodd reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

I waited to give a review because I wanted to form a true opinion. My opinion is that TopKick is outstanding and the instructors are awesome.
My son has been coming to TopKick in South Riding for a little over two months. He's been in Sunmer Camp and evening classes. He loves it and hates to miss class. He's not only learning Taekwondo, he's learning discipline and his behavior has improved. My son has always been a good kid, he's just getting better.
I am extremely happy we made this decision to bring him to TopKick.

Vipin Farkiwala reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

My grand kids go here and they enjoy. Staff is caring and help kids to stay disciplined and focused

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Our latest news & thoughts

Help! I don’t want bulky muscles!

Today I want to talk to you about another question that I get all the time. This one most frequently comes from women, although men sometimes ask it too. Here it is:

Will kickboxing classes give me bulky muscles?

It’s a good question. Kickboxing is unquestionably an intense workout and intense workouts do sometimes bulk up your muscles. Some things, like lifting weights, are designed to rip your muscles and make them big.

That’s not the case with fitness kickboxing. We’re not deliberately tearing muscles, and the goal is not to help you build huge biceps and quads.

Instead, kickboxing gives you a great overall workout. You’ll use all the major musclegroups, including your abs, shoulders, chest, butt, and leg muscles. As you use them, they’ll become firm and toned. Excess fat will melt away and your muscles will be defined and smooth. You’ll look amazing!

What you won’t have is bulky muscles. To get those, you really need to lift weight. You need to strain your muscles to the point of tearing them. That’s not what kickboxing does. It simply tones muscles.

The result is a lean, toned body that looks great. People who take our fitness kickboxing classes do sometimes decide to lift weights too – and sometimes they even lift enough weight that it builds their muscles and makes them bulky.

But, that will only happen if you want it to. Attending kickboxing classes won’t make it happen, and that’s one reason that these classes are popular with women. They can tone their muscles and shape them without making them any bigger.