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Dianne Gannon Ambrose reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been a part of TopKick Martial Arts for over five years now. My family has participated in just about every program they have to offer (tae kwon do classes, KUT classes, afterschool program and summer camp). Every aspect of topkick is top-notch. The facility is warm and welcoming, the staff and instructors are very friendly and always encouraging. I would highly recommend TopKick!

Pascale Green reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love TopKick Martial Arts South Riding and we highly recommend it to all ages. The instructors are very skilled and the staff are very nice and very welcoming.

Kesia Anticona reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
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We love TopKick South Riding we highly recommend it to all ages the instructors are very skilled and the staff are very nice

Elizabeth Raitz-Cowboy reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
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TopKick is perfect fit for my high school daughter. The instruc­tors are attentive and respectful to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. Sensi empowers everyone to full potential.
Amber called to checked on my daughter when she was out for flu
They highly rec­om­mend Top Kick karate school

Charles Dodd reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
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I waited to give a review because I wanted to form a true opinion. My opinion is that TopKick is outstanding and the instructors are awesome.
My son has been coming to TopKick in South Riding for a little over two months. He's been in Sunmer Camp and evening classes. He loves it and hates to miss class. He's not only learning Taekwondo, he's learning discipline and his behavior has improved. My son has always been a good kid, he's just getting better.
I am extremely happy we made this decision to bring him to TopKick.

Vipin Farkiwala reviewed TopKick Martial Arts
via Facebook

My grand kids go here and they enjoy. Staff is caring and help kids to stay disciplined and focused

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Our latest news & thoughts

Why courtesy is a core tenet of martial arts

Martial arts instructors talk about core tenets – things that dictate our behavior inside and outside of class. These are things that we teach our students. Their value goes far beyond martial arts instruction. In other words, these are life skills.

There are five core tenets that our students learn. In this email, I’ll explain the first tenet to you, and talk about why I think it’s important.

The first tenet is courtesy. If you’ve ever witnessed a martial arts demonstration or competition, you know that each match begins with the combatants bowing to one another.

In our classes, students learn that courtesy and respect are essential. When they behave courteously toward their instructor – and their instructor returns the favor – it builds an atmosphere of respect. In such an environment, kids can learn easily.

We also teach kids to respect one another. There isn’t any name-calling or taunting in our school. Every child learns that being courteous is the key to success. Just as repetitive motions teach them to control their bodies, emphasizing the core tenet of courtesy helps them learn to control their minds and emotions.

It’s normal for kids to test boundaries – in fact, it’s important that they do so. However, it’s just as important for adults to let kids know that boundaries are there for a reason. Teaching and modeling courtesy for them in class is one way we do that.

Sometimes, kids idolize athletes who engage in trash talk and bragging. We think it’s our job to give them a different kind of role model. Our instructors understand kids, and they do more than talk to kids about courtesy. They demonstrate it in everything they do in class.

We find that emphasizing courtesy is a key component of building success for our students. As they learn to move through the world respecting themselves and others, they see the way giving respect changes their interactions with people. They learn that respect begets respect – and that’s a lesson they’ll take with them wherever they go.

If you want your child to learn the core tenet of courtesy, click here to sign up for a trial membership now.